Belgian Autumn


2015 -

In the beginning of the 1980’s, Belgium was shaken by a series of violent robberies, committed by a group of unknown criminals referred to as “The Brabant Killers”.
Overall, twenty-eight people lost their lives. My father was one of them. This period of terror and violence will remain one of the darkest pages in Belgian history. The case will be closed in 2015. The serie is largely based on an interpretation of witness accounts, police reports and interviews linked to this period. It questions the reliability of our personal and collective memory. Composed of photography, video and objects, the project is based on long-term research, investigations and interviews, always referring to the notion of memory and the complexity of witness.

About the artist

JAN ROSSEELL was born in 1979 in Brussels. He studied photography in The
Hague, Netherlands and in Aarhus, Denmark. Jan ROSSEELL is a collector of memories using photography, video and objects. He works as an investigator using methods of scientific research andjournalism to build a narrative where truth and fiction coexist.