Roma I et Roma II


2013 -

The two videos which are presented here are part of her continuing work at the Villa Medicis about the heritage of Antiquity, the relationship to the stone-memory in urban context and the rewriting of the myth where she particularly focuses on the history of Rome and of Italy. Manon Recordon reinterprets reality, matching up figures of the past with our own contemporaneity. The city is for her a setting whose elements help her putting in place a panoptic vision of history. The overlapping stratums of reality lead to, by the video montage of the pictures, the possibility of a story through iconographic clues that set culture and memory in motion.
Air de la Reine de la nuit ou la flûte désenchantée, 2011. Dimensions variables. vidéo 2 min 30. ( En collaboration avec Adel Ghezal)
Take as a target, one of the most famous opera song.

Imagine a new staging.

Convert sound without changing the partition, only transcribe.

Play dumb here, where a drama is , so that it becomes comical.

Create a new narrative through editing, internet archive and life.

About the artist

French artist born in 1985, Manon Recordon graduated from the Paris Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in 2009. In 2010 she takes part to the Salon de Montrouge and collaborates with Constance Nouvel in 2011 during the creation of an exhibition at the Espace Lhomond in Paris. Currently a resident at the Académie de France in Roma – Villa Medicis, her latest productions have been showed during the Teatro delle esposizioni #3, a collective exhibition organized by the residents of the Villa Medicis.