RASTI Laurence

There are no homosexuals in Iran



An individual is defined by his identity. In some countries, however, one’s freedom of choosing its own identity is withdrawn by local authorities. In these cases, there are no other choices than fleeing. In Denizli, a small town in Turkey, hundreds of Iranian gay refugees are in transit: they put their lives on hold, hoping to reach one day, a host country where they can freely live their sexualities. This work questions the fragile identity and gender concepts. In this context of uncertainty, this work gives back to these people the identity their country has temporarily stolen.

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About the artist

LAURENCE RASTI was born in 1990, in Geneva. Her work questions the notion of identity and codes of beauty. Iranian from both parents, she grew up in Switzerland. This cultural hybridization leads her to reconsider the habits and codes defined by these two cultures in order to understand the power of gender in our societies.