For heart’s sake


2015 -

Since her childhood, Camila Pongiglione associates the heart with her father, a cardiologist. When he has a heart attack in November 2012, Camila becomes aware of the fact that the heart is a complicated machine that moves passions. She starts drawing it under the shape of anatomies, to show its malformations and associates pictures with a metaphorical aim to it. Through this book’s design, she tries to materialize what happened to her father and what happened in her at this moment.

About the artist

CAMILA PONGIGLIONE was born in Canada. Since November 2012 she works on the For heart’s sake, a book’s design that mixes hearts ‘anatomies and pictures with a metaphorical aim. Camila Pongiglione was a finalist with this project at the Villa Medicis auditions in May 2014.