Days of war : a pillow book



The series she presents «Days of War: a Pillow Book» is a diary about waiting. «War and Waiting begin with the same letter. I’m not a soldier’s mother, neither am I a soldier’s wife. But I know what it feels like when the loved one goes to war»: her project is based on a personal experience. She stayed in Moscow as she was not able to follow her partner who had gone to cover the war in Libya as a journalist. To fight her worries and her despair she starts to make self-portraits showing what she goes through on a daily basis, then she draws a parallel with the events in Libya. The text, deliberately very formal, like the newspapers headlines, contrasts with the photographs, very intimate, recounting the story of her inner space. .

About the artist

Maria Pleshkova is a documentary photographer. She was born in Moscow, Russia in 1986. After studying photojournalism at Moscow State University and at the School of Visual Arts, she gets the Young Russian Photographers prize in 2012. This same year she gets honors at the International Photography Awards. Her work has been exhibited in Russia and in France, more particularly in 2012 in Arles within the opening fairs. She now works as a freelance photographer for several agencies.

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