MORENO Mitchell



BODY COPY explores the performance of masculinities in digital culture. From ads found on gay and queer dating sites, Mitchell Moreno tries to create “ideal” replies to these texts with sophisticated self-portraits. Stylist, decorator, subject and photographer all at once, the artist made each image at their London home on a shoestring.

Mitchell Moreno has suffered from body dysmorphic and eating disorders. This project was initially a way of facing their struggle with seeing themself and taking photographs of themself. Beyond the psycho-therapeuthic scope, BODY COPY examines how queer masculinities are unstable constructions, ingrained in material and digital cultures, and inextricably linked to neoliberalist interests.

About the artist

Le travail de Mitchell Moreno explore la construction du genre, le regard queer et l’art comme thérapie. Iel a étudié à l’université de Cambridge et à la Royal Academy of Music (Royaume-Uni), et travaillé plus de dix ans dans le théâtre, l’opéra et le cirque, avant de centrer sa pratique sur la photographie. Iel milite pour la protection de la santé mentale et la défense des droits de la classe ouvrière.