Doesn't look like anything to me



Today’s technical and scientific imagery tools produce images that inform us beyond mere observation. Nature, the properties of any object or geometry in space are described with the highest precision. However, these scientific images are remote from what is and can actually be perceived by the human eye. Digitalisation and algorithms distort perception and scale. Saturated colours replace real ones.

Originally, this range of colours was designed to give details of chemical composition, temperature and other properties of the objects of study. “Doesn’t look like anything to me” explores technical aesthetic, scientific imagery and raises many questions about the distortion of objects in a specific context.

Eugene Martikainen highlights the ambiguity of these new images, the discrepancy between the expectations from a document describing (perceived) reality and the aberrations created by the tools and means of observations that are used.


With the support of Centre Tchèque in Paris

About the artist

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Eugene Martikainen is currently studying at the FAMU in Prague. He has a Master’s degree in microelectronics, telecommunication and multimedia from the University of Saint Petersburg. His practice focuses on the connections between art and science.