MARTIAL Guillaume

Le Modulor


2015 - Gares et connexions

Take a gymnasium, three elements used in gymnastics (one blue, one red and one yellow) and a human figure (Guillaume Martial himself), and you’ll obtain THE MODULOR. The Modulor is a scale of proportions applicable to architecture and invented by Le Corbusier in 1945. According to the architect, using it as a unit of measurement would provide maximum comfort to the relationship between man and his living space… In a physical play with space, Guillaume Martial revisits this notion and questions its meaning and our relationship with architecture. A new reading emerges, absurd, surrealistic and comical…
[This work was created during an artist residency in a school, with the support of the General Regional Council of Hérault – Fontcarrade College, Montpellier, France]

About the artist

GUILLAUME MARTIAL was born in Caen in 1985. After winning the “SFR Jeunes talents” award in 2012, he integrated “France(s) Territoire Liquide”, a collaborative photographic project, which was followed by an exhibition at the Tri Postal in Lille and published by Editions Le Seuil. In 2014, he was a finalist for the international “Emergentes of Braga” award. He shares his time between artist residencies, private commissions and educational interventions.