2013Saint-Luc Liège

The “Apnea” series “is an inventive projection that only lingers on the places and the objects that are near to split them in two, to foil them to go beyond them. As much as the “plastic” pleasure (inked in particular to colors) Elodie’s pictures invite us to complex perceptive and cenesthetic experiences. -_ They often seem to consciously have no way out: little depth, no vanishing point; great natural or architectural areas of flat colors often work as a shield, block the sight, attract our glance on what seems to go wrong in the surroundings, a jarring note in the town and country planning or in the cohabitation of what is natural and what is built.”
Emmanuel d’Autreppe

About the artist

Born on December,6 1985, Elodie Ledure was trained at the école supérieure des arts of Saint-Luc de Liège. She exhibits her work in Belgium, the Netherlands as well as the Czech Republic where she was a resident artist. Recently, she got a scholarship to be a resident in Switzerland. Laureate in various competitions, her work has been published several times. She works as a freelance photographer for the daily newspaper Le Soir, for the architecture section of the Walloon area of Belgium Federation and for the cinema.

Eclairage Profoto