2015 -

Family pictures are on sale in second-hand stores, car boot sales and even on the internet. We can then wonder why the owner of these pictures wants to get rid of them and on the other end what motivates a buyer to acquire pictures of strangers.
Desecrated, the pictures of the ancestors are exposed to all, in this window, far from the private albums and from the intimacy of the family circle. As they have become a consumer good as much as a cereal bar, these pictures reveal the universal potential of family pictures. They are aimed at everybody.
It is thus possible to make one’s own family of potential ancestors from a selection of great grand-mothers, great-uncles or imaginary cousins.

About the artist

AUDREY LAURANS was born on February, 22 1990 in Montpellier. In 2010, she gets à HND in photography. Audrey then goes to the ESBAM then the ENS Louis-Lumière. She takes part to the collective exhibitions « Du sel au Pixel » at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and « 04 :33 » an installation of the ENS Lumière students at the Point Ephémère.