JOHO Joanne & LOPES Thomas

All Inclusive

France / Switzerland


“All Inclusive” is a distopic travel agency offering extraterrestrial destinations in the absurd context of an eternal privileged escape to the detriment of a necessary behavioural change. This escape is also motivated by a desire to show others that one can always go on holiday to further destinations and discover new landscapes. Paradoxically, this easy access to an array of remote places has also contributed to their deterioration – because humanity, in its greed, does not question itself and perpetually yearns for more, further and faster.

Made in the Alps and the Jura, this set of photographs is an invitation to contemplate the landscape. Taking inspiration from the traditional Helvetian imagery, Joanne JOHO and Thomas LOPES question it, thus alluding to a new imaginary realm. The artists also aim to remind the viewer that what seems mundane today may soon become extraordinary.

With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia



About the artist

Joanne JOHO and Thomas LOPES met in Geneva in 2016 when they started studying visual communication at the HEAD school. Nurturing a practice that blends art, design, graphic design, photography and installation, they first collaborated on an exhibition scenography before working together on the project “All Inclusive”.