Communal dream


2015 -

“The misses live an affordable dream ; with a feverish performance and a few descaled smiles, they already think they’re there. In front of many excited eyes, they bend their bodies according to an improvised choreographer. They give their hair, their flesh, their nails, their naivety to a poorly overdressed and tipsy crowd. Their attempt is beautiful; during a poor performance copied on the parade of the national misses, they dream, they think of themselves as the epitome of elegance.
Carried away by this communal dream they shape their figures and turn men on. At the end of the night, the communal dream turns into a heart-breaking dream, a hurtful disillusion : the bulging eyes turn away, the mouths are now salivating for another one.”

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About the artist

CLEMENT HUYLENBROECK was born in 1988 on the Belgian territory. In 2010, he goes to the le 75 school of visual arts. In 2012, his sister wins the title of Miss Soignies Haute-Senne. « Communal dream » was born out of this happy event, a bitter vision of beauty contests, or at least of their bad duplicates.