Atras del muro


2013 -

“Atras del muro” aims at glorifying those who are no longer regarded as human beings but as the waste of society: to pay a tribute to the men on the street, to re-humanize them in the eye of the people, to highlight their personalities through crazy styles. Usually quite wild, the Neros from the Cartucho quarter in Colombia accepted to take part in a photo shoot that looked like a fashion show. Unfortunately, they were thousands and could not all be photographed. For almost a week, 300 disheveled bums in rags went were photographed by Stan Guigui. Men, women, children, young, old… They smelled bad, they were rude and noisy, violent and desperate, but in spite of everything, he kept on regarding them as beautiful.

About the artist

Stanislas Guigui is a French photographer born in Paris in 1969. Between contemporary art and photojournalism, Stanislas Guigui permanently wishes to explore the dark side of our societies. Interested in the worlds which are on the margin of society, he questions our capacity for indignation when facing the injustices created by our societies. Nonconformist and committed, the universe of Stanislas Guigui is filled with baroque and fellinian characters. He takes pictures of strippers from the Cabaret New Burlesque, the second tallest man in the world, dwarfs. Stanislas Guigui is a member of the VU’ agency.