GHARBI Camille

Preuves d'amour



Proofs of Love puts us face to face with domestic violence in its most extreme form: spousal homicide. In France, a woman is killed by her partner every three days. These “spousal dramas” punctuate the “news in brief” sections with an almost mundane constancy. The story repeats itself and gives the impression that domestic violence is an endemic phenomenon.

Through the object, the act of violence takes its full dimension. The murders of women in a conjugal context are not isolated instances. The analysis of press articles telling of 253 femicides taking place in 2016 and 2017 shows that this is a societal phenomenon that may affect any couple regardless of age or profession. The recurrence of these crimes is too high to be fortuitous and indeed reveals the gendered violence that should be addressed now.

About the artist

French photographer and former architect, Camille Gharbi is born in 1984 and she lives in Paris. She works in the fields of architectural photography, portraiture and develops personal projects related to contemporary social issues. Her photographic approach seeks to question the world in which we live by playing with distance and aesthetics to induce empathy.