Sobre (viver)

England / Brazil


Sobre(viver)” is a photo installation by Nina FRANCO that explores violence against women and femicide through art.
Sobre(viver) in Portuguese is a play on words on the meanings of survival. ‘Sobreviver’ (one word), means ‘to survive’, whereas ‘sobre viver’ (two words) means ‘about living’.
Nina makes use of various materials to explore the stories of women. The deconstruction of the functionality of objects stands out in the installation ‘Clandestinas’, created in memory of women who have died because of lack of access to safe abortions. In ‘Ciclo de Sobrevivêcias’ a wedding veil is used to unravel the layers of violence in relationships.
The photographs gain more texture with red yarns and iron nails, making visible the cycle of cruelty and forcing us to look at the reality of violence against women. Across the world, 137 women are killed daily by a partner or family member. Sobre(viver) aims to amplify the conversation about this onslaught of violence, and create space for collective healing.



About the artist

Born in 1988, and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Nina FRANCO is a Brazilian visual artist based in London, working with photography and installation to explore and reflect on the intersectionality of women, migration and black identity.