2015 -

As a work of art which is often idealized, an ideological, political or religious representation, the statue gives strength and eternity to the depicted subject. Erected so as to maintain the memory of a person or an action within a given culture, it spans centuries.
The “Colossus” series is a study of the landscapes in which the monumental commemorative statues fall within. If excessiveness seduces and fascinates, Fabrice Fouillet has first been intrigued by this human need of giant declarations. Then he questioned the relationship with space that such “works” could have.
He chose to take pictures of these giants outside their formal layouts, thus emphasizing a more distanced look which enables to focus on the landscape while placing the monument again in a more contemporary temporality.

Artist selected for #Circulagram

About the artist

FABRICE FOUILLET was born in 1974 in France. He lives and works in Paris. After studying sociology and ethnology at university, he studies photography at the école des Gobelins. He works on a regular basis with magazine ssuch as Vogue, Wallpaper, Numéro, L’Express, Le Monde and the New York Times…