2018Artiste Invité

This series deals with night in Instanbul in order to document armed rebel groups, dog fights, sex parties happening in Gazi and in other abandoned neighborhoods of Istanbul. These discarded areas are mostly populated by Kurds, Alevis or refugees. The failing educational system leads most children to drop out before they have completed high school. As a consequence, youngsters are discovering drug trafficking and illegal dog fights as a source of income. The night is also a shelter for those who simply cannot live their sexual preferences in the eyes of the public, regardless of their social class. The government tries to “wipe out” these neighborhoods and their so-called unwanted populations through politics of urbanistic transformations undermining night life.

About the artist

Çagdas Erdogan (born 1992) is an Istanbul based photographer. He developed an interest in photojournalism and contemporary issues which led him to document conflict areas and minorities in Eastern Turkey. His feature stories are published on The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times, Der Spiegel, Newsweek, BBC, Libération between the others. He was selected in May 2017 between the “Ones to watch” by the British Journal of Photography.

He has been arrested in September 2017, accused of terrorism and put in pretrial arrest in a prison in Istanbul. He has been released on February 21st