DELAINI Daniele Domenico

Close Your Eyes


2012 -

Since 2008, Daniele Domenico Delaini photographed more than 500 people in 7 European countries. The concept of this series of portraits is freedom in the European collective imagination. The subjects being photographed close their eyes and think about what freedom represents for them. After opening their eyes, they tell him theirs thoughts, which then accompany the photographs on the captions.

About the artist

He was born in Verona. He studies Politics in Padova, where he takes a photography course. At first, taking photographs was therapeutic before it quickly transformed into an artistic process / At first, taking photographs was a therapeutic activity before it quickly became an artistic process. From 2007 to 2009, he was a member of the association Reflexions Masterclass. His work has been exposed in Italy, France, Greece, and in Germany in individual and collective exhibitions.