De Wandel’s latest and ongoing project, refers to the exact place in the brain where emotional and traumatic memories are created, stored and processed. Some memories are very strongly anchored in our minds, while the colours of other memories fade or alter with the passing of time.

Scientific research attempts to find means of erasing traumatic memories from our brains. But if we could erase these memories, we could probably implant new ones too. We would then be able to manipulate minds. Using a technique of collage in layers of personal and found digital and analogue archive pictures, De Wandel represents the multiple levels of our memory and creates new ones. His work raises various questions about the exactitude and reliability of memory, one of the most mysterious and fascinating functions of the human brain.

About the artist

Jeroen De Wandel (b. 1980) lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. He uses material from his personal archive to generate new images. He combines, recomposes, cuts, tears and pastes both analogue and digital pictures in his search for the unexpected.