Mother’s therapy



Mathias DE LATTRE had developed an interest in psychedelic mushrooms – also referred to as hallucinogenic – for ten years already when he had the intuition that they might constitute an alternative to the psychiatric treatment of his mother. She was diagnosed as bipolar close to the age of 40, and, paradoxically, the drugs prescribed to her during the following twenty years heavily degraded her health.

The photographer’s research on psilocybin through prehistoric times, mycology and medicine led him from the painted caves in Dordogne to the Museum of Natural History in Paris and from Peru to Imperial College London. With texts and images, Mathias DE LATTRE embraces time and space, science and human qualities, and the psilocybin-based cure given to his mother – seemingly with some success. Rather than a campaign, this is a mere presentation of the facts.



About the artist

Mathias DE LATTRE (b. 1990) lives and works in Paris. Graduated from Icart-Photo in 2012, he produced a few portraits for the press before making still lifes for the luxury market. His personal portraiture and landscape projects have been exhibited in Paris and Brussels. He is currently preparing his first book, “Mother’s Therapy”, to be published by The Eriskay Connection early in 2021.