DAUTEL Alexandra

May You Continue to Blossom



May You Continue to Blossom is a critical investigation into the story of Neot Semadar – a kibbutz and self-styled utopia in the desert of Southern Israel established in 1989. Through a constellation of words and images, this visual exploration reveals the form and terms of ideology, asking what lies behind the construction of an ideal place. 

Alexandra Dautel came across Neot Semadar while researching alternatives to the modern way of life. Its members speak of utopia – even those who left long ago – but they also reveal stories of power and violence. Some say it is a true cult, while others talk of the excesses of some of its followers. As for Alexandra Dautel, she believes it is far more complex.



About the artist

Born in Paris in 1996, Alexandra Dautel studied graphic design before graduating in photography at ECAL in Switzerland. Through investigative documentary photography, she explores power structures, mental manipulations and new ways of life. Her book on the series May You Continue to Blossom was published by cpress books in 2021.