CALBAYRAC Jean-Jacques

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2013 -

“Shouts stories” is a work made by the wet collodion process. The shout is part of these things that the whole world has in common. We do it from the day owe are born. Wherever we come from, when somebody shouts, out of joy, of fear or of irritation no need to speak the local language to understand. The act of shouting is something very strong, powerful. It comes from a need, an urge, an emotion that words can’t convey. Through these portraits, the photographer tries to catch a bit of this everything, of this strength.

About the artist

Jean-Jacques Calbayrac was born in 1987 in Menton, France. After joining a school of applied arts, he discovers photography through a video presenting William Klein’s Contacts series. He starts travelling to shoot pictures and in 2010 he joins the Gobelins in Paris where he graduates in June 2012.