noun pa-limp-sest \pa-l m(p)- sest, p – lim(p)-\

: an old document on which erased earlier writing has been replaced with later writing.

: something that has changed with time and shows clear signs of this change.


Today’s short-lived digital means of storing information are endangering the preservation of whole areas of knowledge. Unless sustainable solutions are found urgently, a sort of digital Middle Ages may no longer be a mere dystopian scenario. Palimpseste is a project that presents the contemporary information storage infrastructures and refers to legacies of human knowledge. If human societies are based on the accumulation of knowledge through time, the long-term transmission of information should be the cornerstone of a sustainable civilisation.

Philippe Braquenier’s work presents a new era, the digital age, the data world, the land of Snowden and Assange.


In parallel to the exhibition at the CENTQUATRE-Paris, you will find Philippe Braquenier’s work from 13th March to 19th May at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris.


About the artist

Born in 1985, Philippe Braquenier, is a Belgian artist who is working on conceptual and documentary photography. He passed his BFA on photography from the HELB school  and has exhibited in Aperture Foundation in New York, at The Venice Biennale 2018 and Foto Museum Antwerpen (FOMU) among other institutions and galleries. His work has recently been published in Wired, Wall Street International, Wallpaper, and BLOW Magazine.