BICA Laetitia



From the observation of high temperatures on the ground on slag heaps, Laetitia Bica investigates the colonisation of specific ecosystems by the “biological dispersal”* of exotic plant species. Seeds from other places settle and grow on those mining grounds, spurring diversity and generating an overall change.

Laetitia Bica collects documentary evidence, questions its interpretation through scientific imagery, namely using a confocal fluorescence microscope, and develops a common vocabulary through material creation.

DISPERSION underlines how rational knowledge and poetic and fictional fantasies may converge.

*Biological dispersal refers to the process through which living organisms leave their group and location of origin and colonise a new area.

Video installation by Laetitia Bica in conversation between video research, microscopy and sound creation in field recordings by Gaspard Rosenfeld captured during his many trips to the heartland of Amazonian tribes.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International and the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (CWB), Paris – Hors-Les-Murs Constellations

About the artist

Born in 1981, Laetitia Bica is a contemporary artist with research at the core of her work. While her main focus is to create pictures, her works must be seen as cuttings, each one being the evidence of a creative process that, from hypotheses to experiments, investigates the relationship between the artist and her natural and human environment.