Alternative, 2019-20



“Alternative, 2019-20” is an exploration of the visual language of mass media and how the issues of euroscepticism and the rise of the far right in Germany are portrayed in social media. Using content from YouTube and Facebook profiles the artist questions how manipulation and the language of power influence political debates and democratic processes. He also discusses how social media has contributed to a “post-truth” political environment.

Like in many other European countries, the orientation of left-wing political parties towards neoliberalism has also led to a rise of right-wing populist parties and their simplistic solutions for complex issues. The rise of the far-right German party AFD reflects the dissatisfaction of many citizens with the solutions proposed by the traditional parties and the absence of real opposition.

With this polyptych of 175 cyanotypes, Behrendt highlights political evolution, transmission and manipulation through these pixelated, transient and recycled images.


With the support of Goethe Institut

About the artist

Norman Behrendt is a visual artist and photographer based in Berlin. In his work he mainly deals with the political and social changes of our time. Within this framework, his work exists on the boundaries between documentary and conceptual photography.

His work ‘Brave New Turkey’ was nominated for the New Discovery Award at the Rencontres-Arles 2017 and also published in the June 18, 2017 issue of the New York Times Magazine.