New Dutch Views



In the year 2018, Marwan Bassiouni visited over seventy mosques in the Netherlands. For his project “New Dutch Views”, he created thirty landscape photographs taken from inside the mosques through their windows, following the exact same protocol for each shot. This series underlines the diversity of these places and not least the visible contrast with the equally varied yet immediately recognisable Dutch landscape.

Marwan Bassiouni’s work questions how Islam is represented in the West. He highlights the coexistence of the various cultures that share this new society. «New Dutch» is also a symbolic portrait of an emerging Western Muslim identity.

About the artist

Marwan Bassiouni was born in Switzerland in 1985. He is a Swiss, Egyptian and American photographer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in the Netherlands and received the student grant W. Eugene Smith Grant. Marwan focuses on exploring the formal qualities of the photographic image by reinterpreting the traditional genres of social documentary and landscape photography.