BANHA Beatriz




Suspenso” – the Portuguese word for suspended – takes place in Évora, in her grandparents’ house, between March and September 2020. During this time, she photographed her grandfather, grandmother and her nephew. In parallel, she started developing and scanning her films on a daily basis.

Because her grandfather has a close relationship with his backyard, she ended up spending time with him and watched the plants grow, blossom and eventually die, leaving their seeds for another cycle. In this work, there is a latent reflection on time and growth.

With the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation – Delegation in France



With the support of Camões  – Centro Cultural Português em Paris




About the artist

Beatriz BANHA was born in 1995 in Évora in Portugal. She studied at Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, graduating in 2019 with a Photography Bachelor. The same year, she collaborated in the collective publication “[TASCAS] – Pelas tascas de Lisboa”, authored by the Frame Colectivo and co-edited with STET. By 2020, Beatriz participated in the “A Imagem Contextualizada” with the work 00.33.