[af-ros’] : “spume” 


This series was born out of the bustling energy of Exarcheia (Athens) and developed in another urban and multifaceted realm that carries within itself the marks and fractures of a resistance to a world that is reaching the end of the line. The street is considered here as a unit independent of the cities it runs through. Within the boundaries of this space, delicate and shivering epidermises are modestly revealed, along with the fragile sensuality of men and women grappling with deep and contradictory emotions. 

Aphrōs is a polysemic corpus where marks and textures, lines and faces, meaning and its representation clash, and where their images, that have surfaced from the restless depths of our cities and bodies, arise like spume on the sea on a windy day.

About the artist

Born in 1979 in Lyon, Romain Bagnard graduated from the Institut d’Études Politiques. An autodidact photographer, he works solely on his personal photographic projects since 2020. Combining documentary, artistic and abstract photography, he is interested in the surface of things and bodies, capturing their texture and marks. His visual language offers a sensitive and personal alternative to reality.