AYESTA Carlos / BRESSION Guillaume

Clair obscur à Fukushima


2013 -

In this series, Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bession give a testimony about the 1000 square meters no man’s land around the Fukushima nuclear power station. This dead zone is certainly the most brutal and the most visible trace of the nuclear accident. More than 110 000 people had to leave, leaving ghost towns behind them. No street lighting, empty streets, abandoned shops. For two years now, time stands still.

About the artist

Carlos Ayesta was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1985. As an independent photographer, he specialized in architecture photography with among other things a reporting commissioned by the EPADESA about the la Défense area in Paris. His work was exhibited in 2012 at the forum des halles and at the Paris city hall within the carte blanche SFR Jeunes talents and the exhibition “Doisneau-Paris Les Halles”.

Guillaume Bession, who is settled in Japan, covered the tsunami crisis and the Fukushima catastrophe for different newspapers. His many stays in various parts of the globe enabled him to shoot documentaries and more personal photographic series. Doing fieldwork has always been feeding his artistic creativity.

Carlos Ayesta is supported by

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