Aquellos Que Esperan



How is it possible that places filled with multiform stories should present so many similarities and at the same time arouse the same indifference? How is this indifference structured?

This is a series of questions that Borja LARRONDO and Diego SANCHEZ asked themselves, without necessarily trying to answer them. This duo explores instead, through a limitless creation, the possibility to draw the contours of the territories they document; to explore the physical and psychological prints left by architectural, state and police structures; to collect the stories of the inhabitants of these stigmatized districts, full of oppressive images that darken them.
Through a residence at the 104, Borja and Diego have enriched their multi-format project developed in the Orcasur district of Madrid with a new body of work carried out at la Courneuve. This new stage seeks to outline, in a splintered way, bridges of comparison but furthermore to make us feel and question ourselves about our societies.

Next March, under Sandra Maunac’s commissionership.

More information soon:

About the artist

Those Who Wait” it is a multi-format Project in constant development since October 2012, by Diego SANCHEZ (born in Asturias, Spain 1989) and Borja LARRONDO (born in Madrid, Spain 1987). It documents the daily life of different societies influenced by an architectural model of postwar urbanism, a historical memory based of immigration, punished in a mediatical way by a constant state of violence, and lacking a sense of belonging and identity.

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