Every day during summer in Marseille, groups of youths challenge each other as to whom  will jump from the highest point, whatever the cost, even when the Mediterranean is raging. The Ilinx series tells about the place of this confrontation, where only waves and gravity rule. During this self-determined initiation ritual, young men deal with fear and vertigo to set their path towards intimate self-control and the anxiety of an uncertain future.

Thus, temporarily suspended between torment and ecstasy, agitation and contemplation, the divers face the liberating immensity of the elements, remembering their primary relationship to water, amniotic fluid and the world. This visual quest for immemorial sensations invites us to realise that we carry within ourselves this imprint of origins.

About the artist

Born in 1990, Jérémy Appert is a self-taught photographer living in Normandy. In 2014, he spent time on the margins with young hobos in Canada. This experience profoundly renewed his relationship with the world. Since then, he has been trying to portray our capacity to create spaces of freedom and emancipation, far from capitalism and our contemporary society.