The Bears



The Bears” portrays Brown University women’s rugby team. After over 37 years in existence, it has recently risen to interuniversity ranking, becoming the tenth female team to reach this status. “The Bears” thus celebrates the persistence of these athletes in view of many stereotypes universally perceiving this sport as masculine and violent. Alejandra Carles-Tolra reveals the limitations of these judgments, illuminates the multifaceted personality of her models, emphasizes the ambiguity between grace and violence, the strength and weakness of these young women, in particular at the junction of the male and female worlds.

Continue the exhibition of 105 rue d’Aubervilliers.

About the artist

Alejandra Carles Tolra is a Spanish photographer, born in 1988. Her work explores the relationship between individual and group identities. She recently moved from the US, where she was teaching photography at the University of New Hampshire, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, among other institutions and is currently living in London where she is collaborating with various NGOs.