ALBA Carlos

The Observation of Trifles



Carlos ALBA tries in “The Observation of Trifles” to bring his storytelling on how London foreign community moves within the city. There seems to be a patern where new comers seem to follow strange random small signals, encouraging then to meeting people until one eventually finds a his place in this metropolis.
The artist, also a spanish immigrant, takes objects he finds on the streets, may it be a broken piece of ruler, a note or even a slide film. He turns them into pieces of visual archeology by bringing back the story behind them. His poetic combination of objects, portraits and landscapes open a magical and physical mystery feeling to its audience.

About the artist

Carlos ALBA was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1984. He is an independent photographer based in London, United Kingdom. His work is focused on human relations in the modern world. He is recording the lifestyle in Western society. His photographs have a conceptual approach and they reflect contemporary social issues from a positive point of view. His tools are objects and archives that help him to find the photographs that He wants to take.