Livre Circulation(s) Selection

Livre Circulation(s)

The 10th February of this year, a jury composed by: Denis Darzacq, Virginia Backgammon, Sebatien Ruiz, Eric Karsenty and Marion Hislen gave to 40 authors the possibility to participate in “Livre Circulation(s)” in their 1st publication.

The 1st edition of “Livre Circulation(s)”, which was organized by Fetart Association and the Fund of Subsidy agnès b., will be held during Circulation(s) Festival in CENTQUATRE-PARIS, from March 26th till June 26th, 2016. The selection was made to pursue the action of the Association in the promotion of young artists.

At once, the list of the prize-winners, come to discover their works during the Festival.

Bravo to them!!!

Antonini Graziella, Baldazzi Nicola, Borcard Stéphanie et Métraux Nicolas, Bouley Vincent, De Lapierre Alexandra, Delcourt Charles, Feige Jonas, Fromont Bérangére, Gardini Francesca, Graziosi Andrea, Grignet Brigitte, Gruhne Sabrina, Heiderich Matthias, Imloul Sara, Krivich Yulia, Litt Matthieu, Méndiz Vicky, Moreau de Bellaing Frédéric, Morkevicius Visualdas, Mortarotti Vittorio, Nikouline Nathacha, Palermo Michela et Deprit Alvaro, Proux Constance et Philippine, Renaud Cousin, Roc Herms, Rosso Marina, Selbert Adrien, Sobolewski Kamil, Tagliaferri Michele, Tikhomirova Yulia, Tirler Myriam, Tixier Sabastien, Tomoko Kikuchi, Van Turtelboom Cedric, Vannucci Clara, Walzer Sarah, Zobel Charlotte.

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Practical information

Circulation(s) Festival 2016

from 26th March till 26th June, 2016 at CENTQUATRE-Paris

End date : 26/06/2016