Orlowski Gabriel

Pologne / Artiste invité(e) - projets spéciaux / 2014

" Anti-accent "

“The photographs in Anti-Accent “are punk” more than they “show punk”. They seem to rather invite you to “punk”, than guide you through all the sweaty rehearsal rooms. “Punk” understood as a certain idea, an ethos, a rebellion, showing your bruised ass off to the middle-class conventions. “Punk” that pushes you into action, that has you co-create a community. It rather is a rehearsal room, than shows you one. A rehearsal room that’s familiar to anyone, who doesn’t come back home before the evening cartoons. (…) I see “everymen” and “everywomen” experiencing something, that’s as hell important for them in that specific moment in time. May it be masturbation, hugging the door during a drug stupefaction, playing drums during a lewdly hot day, tiredness after a party, as well as staring at an empty space after skateboarding. Right alongside the rough spontaneity, I find peace in these images, as well as sensivity (…)”