2014 - Artiste invité(e) - projets spéciaux

“The photographs in Anti-Accent “are punk” more than they “show punk”. They seem to rather invite you to “punk”, than guide you through all the sweaty rehearsal rooms. “Punk” understood as a certain idea, an ethos, a rebellion, showing your bruised ass off to the middle-class conventions. “Punk” that pushes you into action, that has you co-create a community. It rather is a rehearsal room, than shows you one. A rehearsal room that’s familiar to anyone, who doesn’t come back home before the evening cartoons. (…) I see “everymen” and “everywomen” experiencing something, that’s as hell important for them in that specific moment in time. May it be masturbation, hugging the door during a drug stupefaction, playing drums during a lewdly hot day, tiredness after a party, as well as staring at an empty space after skateboarding. Right alongside the rough spontaneity, I find peace in these images, as well as sensivity (…)”

About the artist

Student of photography at the Polish National Film, Tv and Theatre School in Łódź. Part of the “Stories of presence” group exhibition (2012, Łódź, Opole), Blisko/Close (instant photography, 2013, Kraków). Published in dieNacht Magazine (Young Polish Photographers issue), Le Journal de la Photographie portfolio section (with Anti-Accent and Tripper), F-Stop Magazine (#51: Portrait issue), Revue Batarde (#2: Le Bonheur!/Happiness), distinguished at the homo absconditus – człowiek ukryty contest. First authorial photobook – Anti-Accent – published on may 3rd by dieNacht Publishing · Edition in Leipzig, Germany (edition 100, soft-cover, bonus print, foreword by Mateusz Romanowski). Interested in the themes of authority, medium, projection and spirituality; the theory of photography and book/zin publishing.