2014 - Sélection du jury et de Fetart

The project consists of a series of photographs taken from the sea that represent large areas of the coast in various places around the world. Views together the images suggest a continuous view of the coast as a single extended landscape, seemingly real, the photographic in fact they are not consecutive but far from each other and different places and subjects such as: walls, trees, cities, forests, beaches, industrial zones, but all connected to the same height of the horizon and from the same point of view. The images could be moved and reorganized in different visual sequences to form endless landscapes. The project’s aim is to reflect on the complex and continuous transformations of the places, the relationship between the built and the natural giving from our contemporary world.

About the artist

Luca Lupi, born in Pontedera (Pisa), 1970, currently lives and works in Fucecchio (Florence). From 1995 dedicated to photography and editorial cultural heritage.
In parallel with the professional develops, through their the frequentation and deepening the work of art, a particular sensitivity to the vision that leads him to devote part of its activity also in personal research projects.
He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.