2018Artiste Jury

In the field of literature, identity as a container is a well-established notion. With Particles, Boris Loder transforms this concept into a study through photographs that questions social and geographical identities. Each cube contains objects that were collected in specific locations throughout Luxembourg, such as parking lots, streets, or brownfields. This work shows what such objects have to say about their environment, about the “raison d’être” of a specific location, and about what a place is currently used for. Through narcotics in a playground, junk food on a sport’s field, or the ubiquity of medicines, Boris Loder’s photographs go against any stereotypical representations of some specific locations.

With the support of Mission Culturelle du Luxembourg en France.

About the artist

Boris Loder was born in 1982 in Germany. He lives and works in Luxembourg. After he studied literature and geography, he started using photography to explore interactions between human behavior and urban landscapes. He recently displayed his work in Luxembourg and Germany, at the Esch Theatre and at the Urban Art Gallery.