Herbrich Thomas

Allemagne / Sélection du jury /

" The truth about the moon landing "

The presented series is a reflection about words, facts and conspiracies. “In Germany we say: “a picture speaks louder than 1 000 words.” What if words were lying? People like conspiracy theories and the “moon landing” is “the mother of all conspiracy theories”. Why do we like and why do we believe in a crazy theory when we see the pictures for real? Why do we believe more in the pictures than in the words? In the “The moon Landing” series, my aim was to show a funny and burlesque version of the truth about the moon landing. Having doubts about the veracity of the facts when the pictures are proofs is so stupid! I personally believe the Americans went to the moon! THE TRUTH about this landing is only a teasing for the next project: what happened to Stanley, my hero, after he landed on the moon? He became the director of the Ukrainian space station called “Potemkine” and this story is even more funny.”