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2014« Figures »

“The Figures ” by Aurore Dal Mas turn their back on us as if the body was hidden from the viewer while submitting itself to them. The pictorial dimension is perceived in a recurrent way in these light effects with chiaroscuro intonations. The body, here revealed, is that of the artist but could be the one of anonymous people because the subject is not the self-portrait but the otherness. The body seems to be frozen and paradoxically it seems to be freeing itself. Is it caught or is it a mutation? That is all the ambivalence of the approach of Aurore Dal Mas, showing while making accessible these timeless figures, out of any context, without any visible face, close to a mystical imagery that opts for secrecy.
Gaëlle Doret

About the artist

The work of Belgian-Italian Aurore Dal Mas focuses on wordless physicality, natural forces, desire and self-portraits. She’s influenced by cinema, reading, painting and her personal experience of voice work. Her photographs often appear tactile, both in vision and execution, free from diurnal concerns and imbued with questions about what it is to be human. Dal Mas’ work has its own sensitive grammar, hesitant to give away too much, drawing the viewer in on the one hand and evading interpretation on the other.