Chernyshova Elena

Russie / Sélection du jury / 2014

" Jours De Nuit, Nuits De Jour "

“Days by Night – Nights by Day”
This series deals with the daily life of the inhabitants of Norilsk, a mining town located 400km north of the arctic circle in Siberia. With 170 000 inhabitants, it’s the biggest town of the extreme North. It was built by Goulag prisonners. 60% of the population works in the industry. It’s the seventh most polluted town in the world. The average temperature is -10°C and can go down to -55°C. For two months, it’s polar night. The conditions of life in Norilsk are unique. The aim of the project is to study the adaptation of human life under this extreme climate and this context of ecological disaster. This report was done with the support of the fondation Lagardère.