The journey to Nantes


Du 3 juillet au 30 août

As part of the Journey to Nantes Festival, in the “Parc des Chantiers”, on the island of Nantes, come find Circulation(s), the prospective and innovative laboratory of contemporary creativity. Works of Tito Mouraz, Laurence Rasti, Christian Berthelot, Cyril Porchet, Juliette Andréa-Elie, Catrine Val Erik Östensson Petros Efstathiadis Nikola Mihov, Dita Pepe, Epectase Fabrice Fouillet and Jan Maschinski will be displayed.

Explore, have tea, look around… At the “Cale 2 créateurs”, time is suspended!

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Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm