Circulation(s) is the result of five years the association Fetart spent working and being involved with young photographers. Our ambition is to discover the up-and-coming talents, to promote their work by exhibiting them and help them get public critical recognition. The Fetart team are passionate volunteers. And for our greatest pleasure it often leads to success. Renowned photographers today, such as Malik Nejmi (first prize of photography from the Academy of Fine Arts, 20007) Lucie&Simon (HSBC prize 2010), or lately Julien Taylor (Nicolas-Feuillatte award 2011), have all been helped by Fetart. The fact that they no longer need our support is our reward.

With the Circulation(s) festival, we intended to broaden our action by presenting an overview of 42 European photographers. Whether they are young or slightly older, they have all just started their artistic journey. They show the vitality of photography in Europe. We wanted to support them at a key period of their career and build bridges between the French photographic scene and the other European scene.

Circulation(s) is about freedom first of all, a freedom of expression and of spirit, that can only be brought  by an enthousiastic, serious association, free from any kind of standardization. If only five years, Fetart has managed to establish itself as a reference on the French cultural scene. Today, it is a essentail for us to encourage a creative dialogue, without limits, no borders.

Guests, carte blanche by our sponsor Laura Serani, artists discovered by Fetart and artists seelected by aa jury compose the exhibition and this catalogue.

Marion Hislen
General curator
Founder & president