Circulation(s) is the result for the organization Fetart of six years of work and commitments to new photographers. The Fetart team is made up of voluntary workers from varied backgrounds. Their goal is to discover the upcoming talents to promote their work through exhibitions and finally to encourage their recognition among the critics and the public.

The Circulation(s) festival therefore aims to promote a new generation of modern photographers on the french artistic scene. Presenting a selction of forty new European photographers, the festival wishes to support them at a turning point of their artistic career. It also tends to show the plurality of forms within the European photography.

Circulation(s) offers a creative dialogue with neither limits nor boundaries, by esthablishing link betwen French and European photography. It promotes the free trade and “circulation” of images. It is first of all about freedom in the tone as well as in the spirit. And this spirit can only be brought by an associative project that is enthusiastic, meticulous and not trapped to any given scheme.

The festival is based on the fact that entrance is free, contributing to cultural democratization, giving a better access to art in general. It is located in one of the oldest historical park in Paris -the parc de Bagatelle, opening Circulation(s) to everyone: people fond of images and art professionals, but also families that will therefore combine a visit to the park with a random walk into the European photography.