ZARUMA Hanne (Hanna)

No name



The human being is transformed to become the next point of contact with the machine. Become one with it, becoming an outgrowth, a peripheral. But behind this lifestyle, what about our addiction? Digital should improve our existence, here it appoints us, interferes with our listening, our vision, our perception of the world. And our freedom in all that? Hanne never defines her artworks or even titles them, she’d rather have viewers attach their own meaning to it. 

About the artist

Born in 1999, Hanne (Hanna) ZARUMA is an artist and a law student from Ukraine. The artist offers a vital materialist approach that emphasises how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By utilising tossed-out retro technology, she fashions them a new life beyond the trash heap in her efforts to contribute to a transhumanist future.