The eruption of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in La Palma (Spanish Canary Islands) began in 2021 and lasted 85 days, being the longest eruption recorded in the history of the island. The lava destroyed several thousand buildings, banana plantations, and cut off roads. Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, with many having just minutes to pack their belongings. What happened in La Palma was a natural phenomenon but also a big social tragedy. Family homes, educational and businesses centers, meeting points have been buried under lava and ash. People also struggle with depression, anxiety or insomnia. Even living on the volcanic island, no one ever can be prepared for a natural disaster of this magnitude.The volcano Cumbre Vieja has been the most destructive of the last century in all of Europe. Around 85 000 people call La Palma their home.


About the artist

Born in 1983, Kinga Wrona is a Polish photographer living in Kraków and currently studies at the Creative Photography Institute of Opava (Czech Republic). Her photography explores the relationship between humankind and nature. Her work has received the Grand Press Photo 2022, the Slovak Press Photo 2022 and the National Geographic Polska 2021 awards.