Sur la route de Bikoro à Bokonda


2013 -

“On the road from Bikoro to Bokonda” is a project born out of several trips made in about ten villages of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through this series, Patrick Wilcocq dramatizes the everyday life of the villagers, in front of their cabins, in a setting that becomes dramatic; he thus tries to understand the beauty, the simplicity and the dignity of the existence of these people who have always struck the artist. His very personal vision of human relationships, of the position of men and women, puts the forest, a true nourishing heart, at the heart of the human cycle. This project, carried out with the help of the villagers, tends to show the peace that prevails in the west of the country, when the western medias mostly tell about the dramatic event that take place in eastern Africa.

About the artist

Self-taught photographer, Patrick Wilcocq was born in 1969. Having lived away from France for 30 years, he lived for 7 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s only recently, since 2009, that he started to release his work. His pictures have been published in Photo magazine in 2009 and 2010.

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