L’Enfer de Dante


2013 -

Valentina Vannicola presents here “Dante’s inferno”, a work that is inspired by the literary work to compose and dramatize real living pictures. The actors who agreed to pose for Valentina Vannicola are all non-professional models living in Tofia, her home town, in the north of Rome. Set up in natural landscape, her pictures are made to combine her native territory with the inhabitants of Tofia and thus show the imaginary world of the author. “Come rain come shine, they lent me their presence so I could make all the pictures, even the most extravagant. In that, I owe them the pictures of this series

About the artist

Valentina Vannicola was born in 1982 in Rome, Italy. After graduating in cinema from the university of Rome, “la Spenzia”, she pursues her academic career in photography at the Roman school of photography. Her pictures are strongly influenced by cinema, theatre and literature. A cross-disciplinarity that puts her at the heart of the concerns of current contemporary photography. She is represented by the photography agency OnOff Picture and by the Wunderkammern gallery in Rome.

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