Fleur Viande


2015 -

This series mostly tries to master an absurd subject. Meat Flower is the meeting of an antinomy by shape and inspiration that tends to create a coherent and aesthetically pleasing whole, a new entity. It’s not about a flower or meat anymore but meat flower; a whole carried by a meticulous work of post-production that gives the pictures the feel of a drawing or a painting. The Ulysse and Darcoe duo also give the subject they chose a universal reach that allows a wider reading of the picture: a portrayal of nature or the symbolism of organs and flowers, it’s up to the viewer to choose.

About the artist

Formed in 2001, ULYSSSE AND DARCOE is a French duo including Ulysee Payet (born in 1979) and Isaora Le Jeannic (born in 1987). Coming from the photographic assistantship specialized in fashion and graphic design, they are inspired by contemporary productions as well as by the still lives of the Dutch masters.