United Nations Space Alliance


For three years now, Matjaž Tančič has been meeting actors of spatial research and following its progress, from China to the United States, from Japan to India, through to South Africa and Europe. Among them, there are, of course, well-known national agencies and influential billionaires, such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. But this project focuses on other actors of the journey to Mars and beyond, lesser known but no less committed: idiosyncratic visionaries – often lacking money – who work in the shadow areas of the law and develop new technologies, architects, doctors, farmers and space engineers, builders of homemade space rockets, and not least multi-billionaire start-ups that create autonomous space habitats.

With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia

About the artist

Born in 1982, Matjaž Tančič is a Slovenian independent photographer who works between China and Slovenia. Between documentary, portrait and art photography, his work addresses social and cultural questions. He likes to experiment with the photographic medium in various ways and is best known for his 3D stereography projects.